Life Coaching

What is a Life Coach?


A Life Coach is someone who is professionally trained and Certified to help people identify their goals, and maximize their full potential, while overcoming limiting beliefs, roadblocks, or excuses. A Life Coach is not a Therapist. A Therapist is trained and Licensed to help you delve into your personal experiences, history, and relationships in order to help you gain perspective, learn to communicate your needs, grow, and heal emotionally.

A Life Coach is someone who will guide you toward focusing on your future, setting specific and measurable goals, and support you as you implement strategies for growth and change in your life.
There are many different types of Life Coaches. The common thread is coaching people toward their own concept of success or personal growth. This is done by exploring their vision of the future, motivation, goal setting, strategies for success, and providing accountability. Another key component is identifying roadblocks, limiting beliefs, habits, people, or mindsets that no longer serve them.

What will a Life Coach do for me?


A good Coach will support you as you prioritize creating a quality support system.  They will be focusing on your strengths and achievements in an effort to empower and train you to be “your own best coach” moving forward throughout your life

People usually seek out a Life Coach when they feel it’s time for a change in their lives, or find themselves in a period of transition, or just feel stuck and unfulfilled.
Sometimes, people use a Life Coach to help them “level up” in their career, start a new business, or as they seek out new employment.  Some people may find themselves overwhelmed by life, and they may seek balance, organization, and an action plan to get their lives back on track.  Some people may choose to work with a Coach to create a healthier lifestyle, or make a full comeback after an illness or other life altering event.

Some people may seek out a Life Coach for help with confidence, personal development or social skills.

When choosing a Life Coach, it is important to feel comfortable, yet motivated and excited about the work you will be doing together.  A Coach should inspire and motivate you. You should leave each session feeling more confident and clear about your goals and the strategies you have created.  A good Coach will also push you and help you identify self defeating habits.  A good Coach will ask you to “commit to change”.