A Day of Inspiration

For Women


Morning Stretch & Meditation



Expert Talks


  Coffee, Lunch, & Cocktail Hour


July 24, 2021


Laura Ling

Laura Ling

Keynote Speaker

Award-winning Journalist, Co-Author, American Journalist, Correspondent and Vice President for Current TV; Captor of North Korea

Bryn Drescher

Bryn Drescher

Transformational Speaker and Change Facilitator

Katelyn Marie

Katelyn Marie

Country Music Singer/Songwriter

Liz Holt

Liz Holt


Life Coach and Owner of Limitless Life by Liz

Sherry Advani

Sherry Advani

Body Mindset Coach and Certified Fitness Instructor

Illumination Foundation

Illumination Foundation

A non profit that provides targeted, interdisciplinary services to disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California

Alexa Silvaggio

Alexa Silvaggio

Guided Meditation and Yoga Instructor 

Laura's House

Laura's House

Domestic violence agency specializing
in outreach programs and services 

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Date: July 24, 2021
Time: 9AM-4:30PM
Location: 1107 Jamboree RD,
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Alexa Silvaggio

Meditation & Yoga Instructor

Morning Stretch & Motivation 

Alexa is a yoga instructor and motivational speaker.

She has been practicing yoga since 2005, and is well versed in vinyasa, restorative, power, and slow flow yoga by Pure Yoga New York, and Kripalu Center for Health. She leads wellness retreats all over the world.

Join Alexa in a morning meditation and motivational speech to set the tone for a day of inspiration and empowerment.


Bryn Drescher


Empowerment & Positivity

Bryn is a transformational speaker & change facilitator.

She uses her voice and experience from going from a lifeled by fear of failure and imposter syndrome to mastering her mindset and thinking more positively to achieve her goals in life to help transform and create positive change.

Join Bryn for a interactive and inspirational talk where you will learn practical application opportunities for positivity and empowerment in your life.


Laura Ling


Inspiration and Growth After Hardships 

Laura is an award-winning journalist and co-author of Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity in North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home.

Join Laura as she inspires and captivates through a raw and candid look inside the life of an international journalist, including what she learned in one of the world’s most recluse countries, N Korea. Relating to her personal experience, Laura will provide inspirational insight for continued growth and success after experiencing such a traumatic ordeal.


Networking Hour


Break For Lunch


Sherry Advani


Health and Wellness

Put the empowerment back into your health journey, and leave the guilt, shame, and punishment behind. Through habit-assessments and building your physical and mental strength, Sherry will help you befriend your body – once and for all.


Laura’s House


H.E.A.R.T. – Healthy Emotions & Attitudes in Relationships Today

The inception of Laura’s House was inspired by a true story about a woman called Laura who was a victim of domestic violence. Since 1994, Laura’s House has continued to grow and offer a multitude of programs and services which provide vital support and education aimed at avoiding such tragic circumstances from ever occurring again.

Join us in learning how to identify and sustain healthy emotions and attitudes in relationships and how to provide support to a friend or loved one who is facing abuse.


Liz Holt


Passion and Purpose

Join us in learning how to create the life of your dreams with host, life coach and owner of Limitless Life by Liz.


Illumination foundation


Community Impact

Disrupting the cycle of homelessness through targeted interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless clients in order to disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California.



VIP Cocktail Hour

Join us for a cocktail hour following the event, featuring cocktails (of course) and hors d’oeuvres.



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